This is a comprehensive, fully personalized service for your individual home. The finished product will reflect you at your best and create comfort, function and beauty for you in your surroundings. First, Mary meets you and takes some time to find out who you are--how you live, how you'd like to live, what are your likes, dislikes, interests, pet peeves, must haves, etc. At the same time, she also reviews your current living environment and how it works and discuss what pieces you already own that might work in the new plan.

Next, with the above information on hand, she develops a design concept that will turn your house into your home. She gathers many puzzle pieces together, shifting them around and putting them into place. Meanwhile, she will meet with you--many times or a few times--adding layers to and refining the design plan until it makes sense and is pleasing to both you and her.

Once the design plan is agreed upon, she executes the design concept, bringing it to life. Execution includes budgeting, shopping, selecting, revising, approving, ordering, as well as supervising delivery and installation. She also meets with architects, contractors, painters and custom workrooms to ensure that all plans are executed properly. This is not carte blanche unless you prefer that route. Mary's business is kept small because this is personal, customized work. She works with a few clients each year, and each gets her undivided attention.

Together, you will create a fully customized project, from furnishings, fabrics, flooring and finishes to artwork and accessories, all suited especially and particularly for your home. It is a collaborative and rewarding process.

Cost: Fees for full design services are based upon the scope of the project and typically consist of a flat fee or hourly structure, plus purchases. Please contact us for more details.

Please e-mail or telephone 847-424-0432.

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