Mary Rubino Interiors, Inc. is for the individualist looking for an anti-decorator. Your home is designed to reflect you and be livable on an everyday level. Naturalness, comfort, organization and flow matter much more than coordinating an exact match between the pattern of the drapery fabric and the fringe on the chair...


Ready to completely re-do your entire home or just a couple of rooms? Full service design is for you.

Are you in need of freshening up your home or some serious de-cluttering? Custom design packages answer your home's specific needs.

Getting married? We can help create your gift registry to start your new life.


Mary is committed to practicality and functionality, and as such, sustainability and is reasonable about all things "Green." Replacing lighting to be more energy efficient and replacing kitchen & bath fixtures to be more water efficient are some of the ways this can be accomplished. She recommends Made In The USA products, researches potential green products, seeks out locally-made products for clients, and reuses (recycle) clients' furnishings and fixtures when possible. Using antiques, refinishing and or reupholstering already-in-the-family pieces and refinishing and/or rewiring lighting fixtures are both practical solutions and sustainable practices. She also recommends Greenguard certified, low VOC paints and stains.

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Classic modern style
International influences
Mixing periods, regions
Innovative approach
Thoughtful service

"simplicity grows out of complexity, economy from richness..." le corbusier